Falafel King

Falafel King

701 West Lake Street
Minneapolis, MN 55408
Neighborhood: Carag
Phone: 612-824-7887
Web: www.falafelking.com

Once upon a time, a child was born in Jerusalem to a family of 13. At the age of 6, his father passed away. His mother no longer could afford to feed him so she placed him in orphanage school . He studied at orphanage school until the 6th grade. After 6th grade his mother could not afford to feed him nor continue his education. He had a wonderful idea and bought a frying pan, gasoline burner and set up a stand in front of the boarding school. Falafels was his specialty and soon he became known as the FALAFEL KING.

Phone: 612-824-7887
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by Jonathan T. on 2014-03-24

Every time I make a trip to Patisserie 46, I think to myself, "Hmm, Falafel King sounds interesting. I'll try it one day." After several years, the day... [More]

by Immaculate I. on 2014-04-04

I was really hungry for a gyro and I happened to be around this spot so I walked into this very empty spot. Parking was still a nightmare but that's because... [More]

by Jessica S. on 2013-10-21

I was amped by an earlier review I saw about Falafel King today, citing it to be "As Good As It Gets", from someone who has exposure to authentic Middle... [More]

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