Broders' Pasta Bar

Broders' Pasta Bar

5000 Penn Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN 55419
Neighborhood: Fulton
Phone: 612-925-9202
Facebook: Broders' Pasta Bar
Twitter: Broders' Pasta Bar

Broders' was inspired by a trip to Bologna, Italy. This first serious trip to Italy complete with cooking classes changed the way we thought about food and the way we cook. We discovered that the roots of Italian cuisine lie in rustic, uncomplicated peasant cooking but that, as with so many things Italian, it is synthesized to the point of pure, heavenly art. Its unparalleled flavor is a result of integrity to fresh, indigenous ingredients through simplicity of preparation.

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by Sehaj S. on 2014-07-27

No. No no no no. This place can't be 1,213 miles from me. I may have to move to Minneapolis. I really thought this place had to be overhyped. With all the... [More]

by Conor O. on 2014-07-23

Broders' Pasta Bar is as good as it gets. I was not a huge 'italian food' fan; but after eating at Broders' I realized that this was only due to my own... [More]

by Me. X. on 2014-07-11

When you leave Broders', you know you're coming back. That alone says wonderful things about this little Italian restaurant. My sister and I had the... [More]

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