Landmark Edina Cinema

3911 West 50th Street
Edina, MN 55424
Neighborhood: Undefined
Phone: 651-649-4416

Landmark Theatres is a recognized leader in the industry for providing to its customers consistently diverse and entertaining film products in a sophisticated adult-oriented atmosphere. Our theatres showcase a wide variety of films - ranging from Independent and Foreign film to 3-D movies and smart films from Hollywood. Landmark Theatres is the nation's largest theatre chain dedicated to exhibiting and marketing independent film.

Phone: 651-649-4416
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by Eline J. on 2015-01-25

Absolutely love this place! Although they only offer a small selection of movies, the movies that are offered are bound to blow your mind. Sometimes a... [More]

by Jonathan H. on 2014-11-21

As a fan on indie movies, I'm glad that this place exists. This a a great place I like to go for a good movie that is usually not playing in other theaters... [More]

by Maddie T. on 2014-07-18

Out of the three Landmark Theaters in the Twin Cities area, the Edina is probably my least favorite. The movies the Edina gets are usually the indie films... [More]

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